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Author Topic: Kaio's 5 Step Beginner's Guide to greatness  (Read 4663 times)


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on: September 26, 2016, 02:44:05 AM
Welcome to JFGG, Guide to the Basics.
Jade Falcon Gamma Galaxy Website
The Kaio's 5 Steps to Greatness!!!

Step 1: Game Settings
Basic Game options that make playing Mechwarrior more efficiently and easily.
1.1 Game Option
- Unselect Arm Lock.
- Unselect Cockpit Game Monitor is an optional option for better fps.
- Select Color-blind Friendly Reticle
1.2 Mouse Sensitivity
- Adjust sensitivity by preference, prioritize Precision over Speed
- For Gaming Mouse Users
      - Sensitivity 0.1
      - Smooth 0
      - Acceleration 0
      - In Windows Settings
            - Press the Windows Key + R  input main.cpl
            - On Pointer Options tab adjust Motion to 6 notches
      - Adjust Mouse Sensitivity within the mouse gaming software
- For Standard Mouse Users
      - Smooth 0
      - Acceleration 0
      - Sensitivity between 0.1 -> 0.4
1.3 Video Setting
- Confirm DX11 or DX9 is your optimal game mode (dependent on your graphics card) Run the game on public drop not training ground to test FPS effect
- Damage Glow (optional only penalized by a few FPS drop)
- Advanced settings
      - Effects               : Low
      - Object Detail       : High
      - Particles             : Low
      - Post Processing  : Low
      - Shading              : Low
      - Shadows            : Low
      - Texturing            : High
      - Environment       : Low
      - Anti-Aliasing       : (setting dependent on GPU optimization)
1.4 Keyboard Binding
- The Following are important keys for readjustment
      - Chat Section
             - Global Chat : F5
             - Team Chat  : F6
             - Lance Chat : F7
      - Mech
             - Arm Lock Left Shift (default good for converging all weps to a single point and reducing mouse movement for better precision USE IT)
             - Toggle Arm Lock Assign Button (assign a button if a toggle works better for you than a press and hold type button)
             - Override Shutdown Assign Button (assign a button for quickly engaging and disengaging Override usage will be explained in training)
             - Activate Module Slot 1 3/4/5 (effective use of consumables while shooting, running)
             - Activate Module Slot 2 3/4/5 (Consecutive key to slot 1 makes it easy to diffrentiate)
             - MASC Left Alt
       - Miscellanous
             - Target Lock R for acquiring lock and info for selected target, cycles thru enemies in front arc (default works real well but adjust for preferrence)
             - Show Target Overlay Assign Button (good for checking team mate conditions and searching for Specific Targets)
             - Arrow Keys UP/DOWN Selecting Weapons LEFT/RIGHT Selecting weapon groups Right Ctrl Toggling weapon to selected group 
             - Battlegrid B Full tactical map view (default works well)
      - Movement
             - typical WASD movement arrangement Space for JumpJets(only on jumpjet capable mechs)
      - Vision
             - Toggle Max Zoom Level Assign Button (zoom key preferrence, lets you quickly jump from no-zoom to full-zoom and vice-versa)
             - F1 - F4 (suggested keys for easy access for ECM, Night Vision, Thermal Vision)
      - Weapon
             - Weapon keybinds typically is optimal but adjust to preference specially if capable for using multiple keys
                   - Weapon Indicators around crosshair
                         - TOP LEFT weapon group 1  MID LEFT weap group 2 BOTTOM LEFT weap group 3
                         - TOP RIGHT weap group 4 MID RIGHT weap group 5 BOTTOM RIGHT weap group 6
            - Weapon Door Toggle Assign Button (for mechs with weapon doors, Speeds up usage of equiped weapons I.E. Catapult Ears, King Crab Arms)

Step 2 Choosing your first MECH for mass destruction
-Stormcrow or Hunchback IIc
      - Very stable starting mechs to start Earning C-Bills With and good for learning game mechanics
-Top 10 Clan Mechs to OWN (order is based on my experience)
      - 1 Stormcrow (very customizable weapons platform)
      - 2 Timber Wolf (very customizable weapons platform, Amazing Mobility for the tonnage, Near Max Armor builds)
      - 3 Hellbringer (ECM great for concealing self and team movement, Decent firepower)
      - 4 Arctic Cheetah (considered the best light mech)
      - 5 Hunchback IIC (High Mounted weapons platform)
      - 6 Ebon Jaguar (optional replacement to Hellbringer for more firepower needs)
      - 7 Kodiak (best assault mech clan has)
      - 8 Jenner IIc (light mech with an impressive weapon loadout)
      - 9 Night Gyr (Slow movement, Packs Assault class dmg)
      - 10 Mad Dog (Best SRM / Streak Heavy mech clan has to offer)

Step 3 Mech Builds
     - Comprised of a combination of Clan Large Pulse Laser and Clan E.R. Med Lasers
     - Good Pinpoint(precision) damage
     - Mid to Long Range
     - Managing Heat is very important
- DAKA (UAC Builds)
     - Comprised of Multiple UAC barrels
     - Good Suppressive firepower
     - Short to Mid Range
     - High DPS, Low DMG
     - Comprised of Multiple SRM or Streak Launchers
     - Good Burst Damage
     - Extremely Short Range (exception to streaks having a decent range when moduled)
     - Streaks never misses but random components gets hit
     - Extremely Heat Efficient if built and used right

- Mech Builds Reference Guide JFGG Spreadsheet 
- Mech Builder Website SMURFY's                       
- Mech Builds Reference Guide 2 METAMECHS                http://www.metamechs.com

Step 4 Skills
- Torso Twisting
     - Both an Offensive and Defensive skill to master.
     - OFFENSIVE : Minimize Torso Twist never Over Twist (twisting to aim at a target at the maximum allowed movement by mech)
     - OFFENSIVE : Use the Arm Lock/Arm Lock Toggle to stabilize aim
     - DEFENSIVE : Swaying the torso to the left or right depending on your weapon placement to take the brunt of damage taken
     - DEFENSIVE : Swaying the torso both left and right to spread damage around your front or sides
-  Throttle Control
     - Being able to predict when you stop and when you go is always important
     - Extremely Helpfull Skill for poking (shooting at targets around corners or over hills)
- Mini Map Reading
     - Gives you teammate and enemy movement reading, ability to predict enemy movement helps with proper positioning on the field
- Heat Management
     - This is VERY VERY IMPORTANT, can't shoot when you're overheating.
- Positioning & Awareness
     - Being able to use the Terrain to your advantage and at the same time predicting Terrain that enemy would use to their advantage
- Keeping it Steady, Take it Slow, But Take the Initiative.
     - When you shoot hold your Arm lock or hit your toggle, burn that beam duration on your target, always try to shoot first before you get shot
- Consumables
     - Proper Timing and usage of Consumables during matches (cost is very minimal, Learning when to use Cool Shots with combination of Override gives you a slight edge in a tough spot)

Step 5 Leveling in Mechwarior Online
- Matches earns the specific mech use efficiency Skill Points
      - Acquire all the Basic Mech Skills per chasis
      - Elite Skills Require 3 of the same Mech but of different chasis (i.e. MLX-Prime MLX-A MLX-B) to have Full Basic Skills Acquired
      - Master Module Slot doesnt require 3 Fully Elite Mechs.
- Spend GXP in Pilot Trees and not on Mech Trees
      - in order of Importance
            - Cool Boost
            - Cool Shot 9 by 9
            - Improved UAV
            - Weapon Modules
                 - Cl. E.R. Medium Laser Range
                 - Cl. Large Pulse Laser Range
                 - Cl. Large Pulse Laser Cooldown
                 - Cl. UAC10 Cooldown
                 - Cl. Small Pulse Lasers Range (Cl. E.R. Small Laser Range Preference on small weapon)
                 - Cl. Small Pulse Lasers Cooldown (Cl. E.R. Small Laser Cooldown Preference on small weapon)
                 - Cl. Gauss Rifle Cooldown
                 - Cl. Gauss Rifle Range
                 - Cl. SRM#.Streak# Cooldown
                 - Cl. SRM#.Streak# Range
            - Radar Deprevation
            - Adv. Seismic Sensor
            - Capture Accelerator
            - Adv. Sensor Range

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