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Blood Heritage:
Past Units History:

-Joined Jade Falcon X in 1998 and competed in the MWL (Mech Warrior 2 and 3 Platforms) until the unit disbanded in 2001.

Clan History:

-Joined Clan Jade Falcon/Jade Falcon Prime in 2001.

-Defeated two warriors in Trial of Position, Galaxy Commander Circuit (Shadow Cat) and Star Captain Crash (Summoner).

-Served with the Clan on campaign capturing Terra in the SSL league. Also served with the clan in BTU, NBT & VnR leagues (Mechwarrior 4 Platform).

-Won the Roshak Bloodname in 2004 on the MechWarrior 4 platform, on the third attempt, after reaching the final contest in the Bloodname Tournament in the two previous attempts against honored warriors Jafo Pershaw (1st Attempt) and BlackDeath Hazen (2nd Attempt).

-Held the ranks of Star Commander, Falconer, Falconer Commander, and Star Captain Prior to 2006.

-Hiatus from the Clan to serve in US Army in 2005.

Current Status:

-Returned to active status with the Clan in 2017 at the rank of Mechwarrior.
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