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  • TheB33F - LONGTOM SUICIDE SQUAD | Mechwarrior Online

    Twitch ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Patreon ► Discord ► Pixel mechs by Alistair Winter Soundtrack: Kreisau Circle ; Allahu Akbar Song
    3 years ago.

    • Amusing, but it cancels out regarding the fact that those are likely our pilots getting nuked by their own artillery barrage. Well, looks like we all can learn a new tactic off of this though. Definitely illuminates the warranting of much more care when launching an artillery strike as well.
      3 years ago.
  • do you think we could compile the current rag-tag group into a league fighting team? They claim its a good league for inexperienced units "For those who don't know what it is, it's a NBT style league that does a lot of things people want from CW. It's very friendly to newer teams without much competitive experience."
    3 years ago.

  • @seth we should probably update this site and get it into the hands of all the new people under the umbrella of JFGG. I know I'm just making work for you.
    3 years ago.

  • Clan meeting tomorrow right? I'll be there (90+%)
    3 years ago.

  • Ok, from the few answers I saw, Wed it is. See you all there 9 PM EST
    3 years ago.

    • I know how this looks, but I might not be able to be on tomorrow night. however tonight I will be on in force! come out and play!
      3 years ago.
    • Work will be leveling out for me soon! :)
      3 years ago.

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