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  • Please watch this!
    MWO Community Feedback

    Uploaded by doublexnchuck on 2016-06-21.
    3 years ago.

    • Yeah, from what I read on the forums, PGI dropped the ball on this patch. People were actually getting sick because of the new mini-map. PGI's new patch cycle. One big patch every month. 1-2 emergency hot fixes to fix issues caused by them making changes nobody wanted.

      And I was looking toward to dusting off my K2 and Dragons for a few rounds. Guess I'm going to hold off until the hot fix.
      3 years ago.
  • So I just found out today that I had already bought an Oxide and never used it. I was pleasantly suprised!
    3 years ago.

    • Im going to not get one on principle!
      3 years ago.
    • Considering they just made it twice the the size it used to be, I think they're about to become a real glass cannon.
      3 years ago.
    • Death by nova!
      3 years ago.
  • Answer a survey for a chance to win a mechpack.
    Kanajashi's Mechpack Giveaway

    Contest Open Until Sunday May 1st @Noon Pacific Time.
    3 years ago.

  • I'm not dead! Just crazy busy with school and tired at night.
    3 years ago.

    • FYI If seth dies I own this website
      3 years ago.
    • shit seth better not die or were all fucked
      3 years ago.
    • I'm in the same boat brother
      3 years ago.
  • MWO: Tournaments

    Get a total of 4 'Kill Most Damage Dealt' actions in Quick Play with any of the specific Package variants listed below and you'll receive 1,000,000 C-Bills per each 'Mech with which you achieve the goal!
    3 years ago.

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