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Title: Trial of Position Rules
Post by: Prawfut Bludskin on June 23, 2014, 11:30:27 PM

Available to cadets after reading all required documentation (link) and passing the written assessment (link) and being cleared by their Falconer. Cadets must declare their willingness to take the Trial of Position at the the next available opportunity here (link). Once a Falconer has approved a cadet to take the trial, a date must be arranged where a cadet can face 3 current MechWarriors with at least one officer observing. If requested by the Cadet, we will conduct Trials of Position in pairs.
Ideally the trial opponents will be made up of every level of our Mechwarrior ranks. However if the trial cannot occur during the clan night, logistics will dictate all the necessary details.
Any and all Battlemechs may be chosen for the trial. ‘Mechs are to be fully customized to the situation or skills of the warrior. Airstrikes, Artillary and UAVs are restricted. Also all participants are limited to one cool shot. Other than these there are no other restrictions. This is meant to be a real combat scenario and the ‘mechs must represent the sum total of the cadet’s knowledge and skills. The mech chassis chosen by the Cadet will be revealed just prior to the trial. The opponent’s mechs and the map will not. This is made to both simulate combat conditions and to prevent Cadets from finding the path of least resistance in the Trial’s methods.


When the trial begins, each cadet will engage each tester one at a time in sequence. The first of their testers will be a warrior of the lowest rank (MechWarrior: Point 1) with a ‘mech of a lower tier (less effective mech in 1v1) and each opponent after that is one rank above the previous one. The opponents will also be ordered from lightest to heaviest mech (With the primary consideration being tiering). Each opponent will represent a grade of Mechwarrior achieved for defeating them. Note: The tiering is what determines which opponent is in what order.
The intention is to place a mech that is slightly less effective than the testee’s mech/build. Then the next opponent is roughly equal to the testee’s mech/build, and the 3rd opponent is using a higher tiered build.
Officers running the trial should instruct the opponents on what mechs AND what builds to bring. Pay special attention to the builds as some mechs become significantly less effective with poor builds. Example: Any good SMN is roughly equal or lower to any good SCR build. However once the SMN brings a bad build the advantage will go heavily in the favor of the SCR.
Each successive opponent is also harder for the cadet to defeat since the cadet will retain the damage sustained from the previous opponent. Testers not engaged with the cadet will remain powered down, fighting only when it is their turn.


If the cadet scores a kill, they become a MechWarrior and are assigned the rank of MechWarrior: Point 1. For every kill after that they are moved up one Point. In the unlikely scenario that a cadet scores 6 or more kills (see below) they will immediately be made a Star Commander.

Grand Melee:

If a cadet directly or accidentally hits a neutral tester, a tester that is already engaged, or the other cadet, then all testers become active and the trial becomes a free-for-all and the assignment of testers to cadets is waived. All testers can engage any cadet and a cadet can defeat any opponent for a kill. A cadet can even earn a kill by defeating the other cadet during a free-for-all.


If a cadet does not score a kill they will be questioned as to their failure and told where they need to improve. Cadets will then be asked to review all provided documentation and retake the trial of position at a later date with the approval of an officer. Poor behavior or reaction to failing this trial may be grounds for expulsion from the unit.
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