Clan Jade Falcon

Jade Falcon Prime

Jade Falcon Prime

Founded in 1993 on Kesmai's MPBT, our unit has been a fixture within the MechWarrior community for over 20 years. Today, we fly under the banner of Jade Falcon Prime in MechWarrior Online. Our unit is made up of a casual group of people who, in many cases, have played together for years or even decades. We look forward to adding new people to our circle of friends and adding even more people in the future.

Where To Find Us

The best way to find us is to connect with us on our discord channel, as seen to the right or by clicking on the link here to

How to join us

Who can apply for membership?


Will I need to go through any grueling trials?

Usually Kaio has a hot mic with kids or dogs fighting in the background. But, as for a Trial, we currently do not require a Trial of Position for new members wishing to join. However, if you like one, that can certainly be arranged!

How competition oriented is Jade Falcon Prime?

We have rotated through most of the large leagues, not only in MWO, but in MW4, MW3, MW2, MBPT... meaning we have taken part in our share of competitive leagues, but for the time being, we are simply a casual group of folks who happen to be a fan of green birds.

The history of our clan

First launched in 1993, our unit first formed under the leadership of Khans Rex and Gant. Now, 25 years later, our unit fights under the aegis of Jade Falcon Prime in MechWarrior Online.


Our Beginning

Jade Falcon Clan began in late 1993 on Kesmai’s Multiplayer Battletech or also known as MPBT. MPBT was a ladder based 'Mech combat game using 'Mechs and story from the Inner Sphere about the time of 3025, all of the game was done on Solaris IV. At the time the clan was led by Rex and Gant who built the unit, also called stables and allied our stable with House Marik. The Jade Falcons began recruiting with quality over quantity in mind and the ranks began to fill. Many great warriors joined the unit at this time…Aidan, Slywolf, Flashwing, Airbuddha and Snowcat just to name a few. All was doing very well in JF and working together JF overcame many other units to become one of the better stables on Solaris. Roughly in late 1995 though a patch was released that prevented a good ¾ of the people that played MPBT from entering the game. With that, JF was left without many of the people that helped to create the clan and make it to what it was. At that time a few dedeicated JF members helped to rebuild the clan even though House Marik had dropped JF from its roster, the stable moved forward. Again JF was turned into a lethal and talented group of warriors and continued to win countless raids against which ever house they aimed their 'Mechs at. Though all was not well…until this time MPBT was a free game offered through AOL and AOL had decided to begin charging 1.99 hourly for all of its games. At this time the current leaders of JF decided it was time to move away from MPBT or die as a unit. Some of the current leaders at the time, including Flashwing and Jakl decided it was time to move on. JF began to plan to move to Mechwarrior 2 on mplayer and begin anew from that point. In august of 1997 JF moved from MPBT to MW2 on Mplayer where it quickly began making an impact.


MechWarrior 3

As the Falcon clan grew stronger online, many were recruited. Not all, though, could pass the Trial of Entry. Those who did were then sent to train as new cadets. Unlike the lesser Clans, our Clan taught our warriors many things; lag shooting, how to use terrian, star movement, and Lore of the Falcon. Khan Fried led us into new league play on the MSN zone. There were many ristars that bloodied their talons against our Clan's enemies. Red, Jakl, Iroc, Phoenix, Ronin, Talon, Frantic, and Black Death help lead the charge. We were one of the largest online Clans in the world. We learned as a Clan that it was not always about how well one fought in a Mech, but how to use our minds to outwit our enemies and make allies.


MechWarrior 4

In 2000, MechWarrior 4: Vengeance was released and with it, Clan Jade Falcon moved onto a new era. Through much of this time, JFc (the tags used by the Clan on the Zone) played in a number of stock roleplay leagues. Through leagues such as BattleTech Universe, Shattered Sphere League, and Vengeance and Retribution League, Clan Jade Falcon again asserted itself as a dominant force on the battlefield. It was under the leadership of Khan Talon Drake that CJF reached its pinnacle of lethality. In at least two separate leagues, Clan Jade Falcon stepped foot on Terra, and fully conquered it in at least one, claiming the mantle of ilClan. However, with Talon's departure and the decline in popularity of MechWarrior 4, CJF again entered a period of dormancy. Though there was no danger of shutting down completely, the few left behind were left wondering when, or even if there would be a new MechWarrior game to breath life back into the venerable Clan. In 2009, a promotional trailer for a possible game, MechWarrior: 3015, and the free release of MechWarrior 4 by Mektek did just that. New players joined old die-hards, and though MW:3015 would never materialize, CJF was more than ready to welcome the news of a new game that would launch: MechWarrior Online.


MechWarrior Online

As news of a new MechWarrior game spread, and it moved to a state of open beta, the our ranks again swelled. Though only the Inner Sphere was represented, CJF was ready and willing to take extraordinary measures to adapt itself to the new platform. However, a number of warriors wished to form their own unit, and in October of 2012, they formed the 5th Battle Cluster, known as the Golden Talons. For a time, the two CJF units existed separately. Eventually, the players from each would drop with the other unit more and more and the idea of a re-merger was put forth. In May of 2013, the two units again became one under the aegis of Delta Galaxy, known as the Gyrfalcon Galaxy. Since then, the new Clan has continued to grow and welcomed new members. Now, for the purposes of MechWarrior Online, we fight under the name Jade Falcon Prime.